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Fingers Crossed...

If I'm really, really industrious today, I might finish my dreadfully dismal paperwork purge after over a week of depressing drudgery-and procrastination. Damn. I really must never let it pile up like that again.

While clearing out....
I wonder if anyone might want a sort of giant beanbag/pouffe thing covered in brick read leather patches? It's quite nice, actually, not that old, and in good nick. I just don't have room for it.
I've also semi-decided to get a riser-recliner chair, which would be replacing my manual recliner which is also big and bulky, nice squashy 'waterfall' back; quite comfy. It's forest green faux leather, and again, only a couple of years old, and in good condition.
They'd have to be removed by the takers of course,. The chair is, as stated, big and awkward,and will need two people. The pouffe is about the size of a single mattress and again, not easy to handle alone (not  actually heavy, though-just difficult to get a steady grip on)

Doodlediary Time...

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