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Left stupidly early to meetcrunchcandy at the Wellcome Gallery I'm always afraid of being stuck in a jam because of the eternal roadworks, etc., so ended up cooling my heels for about 20 minutes. There seemed to be a lot more people there than usual, although it wasn't exactly overcrowded. I get mildly peeved when 'my' places are discovered by the hoi polloi, but in fairness, it's such a cool place that everyone should take advantage of it. Camilla arrived in due course, and we had a nice cuppa, chat,  and viewing of the Mexican miracle paintings, and other fascinating stuff. I've only missed about 2 of the exhibits there since they opened, and always get a buzz out of them. 
C's parents arrived a bit earlier than expected, so she went off to meet them for an afternoon at the BM with Grayson Perry.
I carried on upstairs to see the 'Graphic' show, but it was only tiny; some strips drawn by youngsters who'd attended  workshop there, with no leafet or anything to go with it, and while interesting enough, nothing spectacular.  Elsewhere, there's a 'feedback' wall, where you're supposed to draw/write about a couple of the words printed on the front of the card, and place it on the rack. I noticed that 'obesity' seemed to be by far the most frequently chosen (and most feared/loathed...?)

Earlier in the week I watched TROLL HUNTER, which was entertaining, but I'd been led to expect a bit more of it. On the other hand, I liked  RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, rather more than I expected to. Veh good, actually.Wonder if Andy Serkis is psychologically affected by playing apes/Gollumy critters nearly all the time? Guess it's an excellent living, anyhow, and he's really good at it.

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heh heh that disaster was one of the best. Did you see the one where the wife was mad and it looked like she was flapping her arms around? Was great to see you, sorry I had to dash (and was late).

Oh yes, I was quite partial to the mad wife, as well.
Were you late? I don't think so... Glad to see you and your folks enjoyed Grayson P. I've definitely *got* to catch it. Like I said, you didn't miss much upstairs, and it may be semi-permanent, anyway.

PS; I was also rather taken with the story of the man and his son being attacked by killer bandits and although his son perished and was now amongst the heavenly host, he was delighted that the saints had spared HIM, and he was doing very well, ta.

S'pose I ought to have a funeral plan - it seems to be the big thing in TV adverts lately.

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