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Bad day yesterday, and STILL not finished my clearout. It is beginning to look less endless though.
Last night's dreams featured a full-scale monster attack on St. Martin's Lane. I was standing on the Strand, and could see, among others, Kong (breathing fire!)  and Gorgo,doing some enthusiastic ear-flapping.

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your godzilla icon made me think of this frame from Nelson (faz choudhurry) - I can't link to a pic in a reply so I had to make it an icon.

Sorry to hear you're down. Love the colours in the sketchbook scan. And by clearing out, you've been doing more positive stuff than I have.

Arf! I haven't got NELSON yet.
Clearing out really is grim. I've opened a Funeral Plan, too. I mean us singletons have to do this stuff, but, OY...

> I haven't got NELSON yet.

It's very good. impressive. but. I don't know that it really becomes as a whole anything more than the sum of its parts, which it's so close to doing you really want it to. The parts are outstanding. But.. - ok so Get it, see what you think!

OK, so it's gloomy chores, but at least you've been doing them. That's positive. er.

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