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Paperwork Purge...
Still gloomed out, and up to my arse in old receipts, etc. I think it ll  reminds me of my mother (only her pointlessly hoarded utility bills, etc., went back over 50 years...) It's also one of those chores that  seems to go on forever, no matter how much drek you wade through and discard. Bleh. I'm  feeling sickly again, too.

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I bought a cheap shredder last time I moved house, and blitzed my old paperwork to save me having to cart it all to the new place.

Results below...


That's entirely full of shreddings!

Yep, I just got one, the other day, v. cheap from Amazon, but I'm still nervously picking through all the crap to make sure I don't destroy anything VERY IMPORTANT!

Crub, I missed Epiphany. This rate I'll never get out of Purgatory.
I have a shredder, and I need a new one. The old one has a plastic tab that triggers the on/off so you don't shred your fingers off when the thing is open, but the tab is worn down so I have to futz with it for hours to get it to engage.

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