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A Jaunt to the Tate...

 I gave in, and shelled out to see the John Martin show. (It closes on the 15th-) I enjoyed it, although I still think the prices are too high. I particularly liked the mezzotints, which I wasn't familiar with, and the lively son et lumiere near the end was pretty cool.

I was interested to see that Martin did an album on the character of trees, and that one, in Rchmond Park (?) was locally known as 'Martin's Oak'... might be of interest to jabberworks

although I doubt if it's survived...

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Glad you felt like doing something & enjoyed it.

Thanks. Ha ha...I really had to struggle! felt quite pleased with myself, though.

I've been considering joining Tate, what with Tate St Ives being just down the road, but i've just seen it's £60 so that's not going to happen. Maybe if I lived nearer to London i'd reconsider, but chances are i'm only going to get to one show a year at most.
I'm coming up next week for a few days and wondered if you'd like to meet at all? I'd like to visit the exhibition on at the Wellcome collection:

Oh yeh. I saw your FB post. Yesss, I'd be most interested in this, or the Grayson Perry.
Have you been to the Wellcome? It's really good.

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