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She Died With Her Earrings On...
Grimmest  EASTENDERS ever!
They'll be raking in awards for this one.
RIP, Pat You'll be very much missed.  *sniff*

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Well, she had a heart attack a year or so ago, and had to have a pacemaker. Recently, she started having 'turns', and it was assumed it was something related to her angina, which could be dealt with-but noooo, it was terminal cancer and the symptoms had been masked by the heart stuff. It was way too late to do anything, and it was curtains for poor Pat... Dennis Wicks just made it to the deathbed,bad Janine was weepin' and wailin', and decided to keep the baby she's concieved with Mad Michael Moon( *there's* a rollicking storyline, good for decades of criminal lunacy!)
It really was rather harrowing. EE may be absurd rubbish,but it's quality rubbish, and sometimes, like this episode, can be quite moving.

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