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Bye Bye, Bad Year...

I have no reason to think 2012 is going to be any better, but there's always that little infantile gurgle of hope...
Didn't start off too well, as I had one of the sudden violent tickle-hack spasms that are still haunting me, and nearly choked to death on my midnight 'ginger cream' tipple.
TV really ought to consider that not quite everyone goes to parties, etc. on New Year's Eve. There was absolutely bugger all to gawp at last night, so I half-watched COWBOYS ND ALIENS which was middling., and gave TRANFORMERS another chance; no, I'm sorry, it's shite.
R Next Door came in for a drink, but was still all paranoid about her stlker, and whoever complained about her tracking mud on the carpets. She was brought up rich, and it seems she still can't get used to tidying after herself.
Ah well, here are the final diarydoodles of 2011:..and a strange blank bit...


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