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Sasa (Zograf-) sent me some interesting bits & pieces, including  a mini of his FOOD COMICS. Here's a spot of hearty veggie fare, for anyone who might want to try it...

Didn't venture far afield. I'm actually afraid of hanging out in crowded places, in case my still not entirely gone lurgy flares up again! It was so fucking disgusting...
Watched the latest adptation of GREAT EXPECTATIONS, which I thought very good. The boy playing Pip was a bit too pretty, but was also a decent actor.
Clapham Junction was, of course, bustling, and people seemed grim and determined. I've discovered LIDL Sabuxxo. Nice! I'm drinking too much, or more than I'm used to, anyway. What the divil...I used to be quite a tosspot,back in the day, but now that I've virtually no social life, and' can't hold it' any more,anyway, I don't usually bother, I seem to be re-discovering the taste, though.

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Yay for Sasa! I met him once, he's a good dude. And yay for Greg Lake. Xmastime thanks to his influence is not complete without a spin of Prokofiev's "Lieutenant Kije".

Yeh, a grand bloke; generous to a fault, and such an interesting artist...And that Prokoffiev snippet always makes me smile.

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