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God Help Us, Every One...

This has been a pretty arsey year for me, but I'm still here, grouchin'. A few more nice things happening would sure be cool, though, and a bit less of the owies, and limping and poverty and sick cat-worries. (and none of that 'it's only an animal' if you don't mind. 'Tony Soprano' understands-).Have been down to Clapham Junction, and got a couple of videos...MEMENTO and WENDIGO. Yes! People are fractious and shovey; two-near ructions on the bus. I bought Wotan some sardines in tomato sauce to try and build him up; now I can't get the stink off my hands.Yetch. PEOPLE eat that dren?
Alas, Mary Wesley is dead now. A fine example to all us 'late bloomer' types.( I still have 15 years to get a novel published...) She was a grand old gal.,3604,867199,00.html
As for the West Pier catastrophe:
I wanna know WHY? They've been faffing about restoring this beautiful structure for as long as I can remember, and now fucking look at it. Not right!

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