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Soggy Solstice...

I have just burst into tears reading that the old cat of an LJ friend I've never met in RL  has died. Hmmm, is that a sign I should be on the anti-depressants after all? Probably not... I tend to fill up about animal-related sadness pretty frequently.
MY cold made a huge, hideous return in the night. I was up gagging and hacking for ages, and couldn't drag myself up again until about 9 AM! Yuck! 
My foot is hurting more than amy other part of me (Yesterday's hyper-agony encounter with the broken lid of the rubbish chute-) and all of me is hurting a great deal. I did force myself to collect the laundry and send off that Christmas present. I've got the damn shivers too...
Watched SUPER 8 which was really too much of a kiddy film to get into much, but  was pleasant enough, I guess. Note the annoying moralistic moment at the end when we see that the stoner boy has slept through the entire huge intergalactic spectacle...
Oh and on the plus side, for anyone I haven't foisted it on yet here's my fave song of the year...

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