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No Day Is Too Short...

That's enough, now, Baron Ochs...I've had that tune on the IJ for like 3 days now. Not as bad as Kylie, I guess. NO, musn't think of that...NA NA NA...
Had a go at wrestling Wotan into the carrier...more likely to kill the both of us than anything else. Tried ringing both Blue Cross and the local 'nice' vet. Blue Cross doesn't do call-outs at all, the local is (draws deepish wheezy breath-) £67, before treatment, etc. If I can wait until next week, it might be easier to get assistance capturing him. BIG sigh....One of the most annoying things about my mother is her habit of heaving great tragic sighs, while staring bleakly into the chasm that is existence, and I keep catching myself doing the same bloody thing all the time !...Is there no escape from our programming ? (Wanders off clucking...)

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