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The Rest Of The Cruise...

I think I've got these sketches all in the wrong order, but they're not good enough to faff with, and I can't be bothered.
Must say the very little I saw of Amsterdam hdn't changed much at all in the 20-odd years since my last visit. Wish I could have got some dope to dim the pain, but they were very strict on the ship, about checking people. It was scary enough when H sneaked a hunk of cheese on board.I was feeling far too fragile to take chances

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I can't get over the image of Joseph with a plaster - that's so sordid and manky!
Sorry to hear you were in so much pain, being sore on holiday can really put a dampener on things. I'm hoping that the vague silver lining was that it was a cruise holiday, where being poorly wouldn't impact so much on the overall experience. One hopes you got a chance to chill out on the ship.

It was a BIG plaster, too.
The performers mostly looked bit manky. One boy ('Benjamin') had incredibly greasy long hair,fuzzy legs and a hung-over mien.
The dancing girls were anorexic-looking, and one had a really odd body shape (see doodle-) I was thinking, it must be strange for the entertainment staff, prancing around on a tiny stange in front of indifferent tourists drinking cheap cocktails. (Frozen pineapple daquiri was quite nice-)
I thought the whole thing was a bit of a waste, except that I got to experience the cruise lifestyle, which is not for me, and it was incredibly dirt cheap.
It's just mad going to places where you only have a few hours, though, and being as I could only barely plonk one foot in front of the other, needless to say I didn't get far in that time.Fap.

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