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Let's See Now...
Is the scanner OK?

Woot! Here are some more dull 'holidy' doodles.

Uninteresting stuff, I know, but we didn't actually do or see anything much. So it goes.

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None of these are in the least boring, but I'm sorry for your many trials! Don't beat yourself up about your lack of energy, however, as I strongly suspect it's due to your thyroid - not at all surprising, since doctors know fuck all about it. They shove you onto the drugs then assume you're now fine. It's hardly ever that easy.

Ya mean that despite all the thyroxin I take, that's why I'm always knackered? -I think it's some kind of ME. I wouldn't mind the tired *so* much if it weren't for the owies.
Still there's always something interesting on a trip. I was fascinated by the grade Z entertainment troupe.

Unfortunately, thyroxine leaves a hell of a lot of people still feeling utterly knackered despite the doctor telling them their test restults look fine. It did me - that's why I thought thyroid because your problems sounded so familiar. I had chronic fatigue too, for 4 years after a virus. The difference between them for me was that with the post-viral condition I felt sleepy-style tired all the time - I was working in an office at the time and every day after lunch I used to long to crawl under the desk for a nap. With the thyroid thing, I was tired as well, and felt like I could sleep for endless periods, but it was less wanting to go to sleep and more feeling I had no motive power at all. I'd be lying on the couch knowing I really should be doing something across the room but I absolutely could not be arsed. The tiniest things felt like climbing a mountain. I'm on desiccated whole thyroid now, and I still feel that way at times (I had a flu shot this year that really upset my thyroid, for example), which is how I know to increase the dose. And in the other direction, if the dose is too high I get aches like I have the flu (as well as being unnaturally PERKYPERKYPERKY!). If that helps at all.

Hmmm. May mention it to the GP next time I'm there. Of course, they never listen...I get the sleepy-style AND the can't be rsed to cross the room. :p

Oh, lovely for you! Medicine sucks big time. Why can't they do anything about this stuff that so many people (women especially) get? And then blame women for being crazy, lazy etc when in fact they have a bloody disease, for Christ's sake. If you read anything about thyroid patients at all, for example, it doesn't take long to uncover stories about women who are exercising like mad and eating 800 calories a day and still can't lose weight because of their thyroids (I kid you not) and their doctors conclude they must be lying about what they're eating. Rant, rant, grr. (BTW, don't take this to mean you won't lose weight if you get your op! For most thyroidy women it's more difficult than for women with normal thyroids but a long way from impossible.)

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