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Well, I guess there's no point in my trying to travel anywhere again until/unless I can actually get hold of some pain relief that works and/or, I actually get my bariatric op (33 on the list after 2 years-)  and the weight loss really does reduce the owies.

I don't wanna whine on, as it's too boring even for me, but I really could not walk. Every step was a major extravaganza. I'm sorry I hampered H ,(who has impaired mobility herself-)  but she's back in Amsterdam next month, anyway.
I also experienced possibly the most humiliating moment of my life, getting stuck in the aisle of the tourist coach, and having to slowwwly squirm through, while the other tourists watched the performance with eyes like millstones. I'm breaking sweat just thinking about it...
I don't think cruising is my thing, anyway. You're only in port for a few hours, and see virtually nothing. I've been to both Amsterdam and Bruges before, though,  so at least I have those memories.  Yerkel Mazerkel!
On the plus side, because  of the wild weather, with the ship bucking like a bronco all night every night, they had to change the itinerary, and as one of the excursions was shorter than planned, we didn't have to pay for it.
With the pitching and plunging, it was, of course, even harder to progress around the ship, but once in bed, I rather enjoyed the weather. You kept waking up, but I found the sensation of being rocked in the cradle of the deep quite relaxing,
There was a great deal of nice food, which for a lot of people seems to be the highlight, along with dress-up nights and ballroom dancing (No, not my cup o' tea...) There were cornball, but moderately entertaining live shows, JOSEPH-, WE WILL ROCK YOU, and some rock & roll history I didn't see because I just slept , on the last evening, but H praised it. She, by the way, is off again, also on the Marco Polo, in January,with her husband for 45 sodding days, making a few Europstops then heading for the Amazon! Good luck to 'em.
The aforementioned hubby was kind enough to drive me home from Tilbury. Amazy was delighted that the giant hot water bottle was back, as the flat was pretty damn chilly. I was glad to be in my own bed with her purring and shedding all over me, and everything kicking off furiously on the EASTENDERS omnibus. Hope I can get the heating fixed today, before the next stormy patch hits.
The scanner seems to have croaked in my absence, so display of doodles will have to wait. *Sigh*

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