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Owies & Inertia...
I'm still trying to get sorted for the cruise. I  probably won't get round to all the laundry I should be doing, or the housework, etc. before I go. I have so much pain at the moment that I've no interest in going anywhere , anyway. Just wanna sleep. Whiiiiinge!  A change will definitely be good for me. I do kinda wish we were going on another Eurostar jaunt, though. H was very keen on this, though. Whaddyagonnado?
No post at all, today, which is a bit of a drag. I see the Christmas RADIO TIMES is in the shops.
R Next Door is really necking the painkillers, too, and she's afraid they won't renew her disabled parking badge...
TMI time. I just drew blood trying to trim my hideous horny geriatric toenails. OAPS used to get regular free foot maintenance. Never no more. I could really use it, though.


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