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Meh, Feh...
I really should be sorting stuff out to go to Amsterdam/Antwerp and getting the flat in order, but I've just been lolling around stinking.
Got my copy of THE STRUMPET, and it really does look spendid; all glossy and 'professional.' Bravae!

...She's a bit more 'normal', now, but still not quite her usual lollopy self. If the scabs aren't gone by the time I get back from the market cruise, I guess it's the vet for her...(£££) . sigh.

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cats are like that. Gabby regularly misses the edge of her litter trays, so I've taken to added newspaper around them!

Could it be mites? That would explain the scabs and scratching, though as a house cat where she could have caught such things is a. mystery. Great pics! Poor Amazy.

Dunno. I can't see anything, except the little scabs. She is a bit neurotic, of course, and that could have something to do with it. If it hasn't improved by the time I'm back from the mini-cruise, I guess I'll have to scrape up the vet fees *Sigh*.

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