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It felt cold when I went to bed, so I shut the window, but woke up in the middle of the night, horribly hot under my light duvet, with Amazy  sleeping  perched on my bum. Yuck. (Of course, I've self-diagnosed HIV. I mean, it's a bit late for a menopausal manifestation.) Mumble...
Cat's still a bit moody, and I should take her to the vet for her itchy  skin thing, but that would mean another £75 or so for the injection and pills... Oy.
I was dreading going to Shephereds' Bush to be interviewed on the World Service about stuff I had no connection to whatever, except the fact that I'm one of 'the obese'. I hated to actaully say no to the guy, so I kept suggesting other poor suckers, and I guess he finally got one to agree to blather for him. Funny, as I've said, I used to be quite keen to do stuff like this, and  enjoyed it. Now it doesn't seem worth the effort.
I might have felt differently  if I'd felt I could have said anything enlightening, but commerce really is not my field!


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