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"Merry Christmas Yer Arse..."

Faffed about with the cat carrier, trying to figure out ways of getting the wily Wotan in, and toting it, while unable to bend properly, or walk further than the corner unsupported. He sat on top of the wardrobe, 'grooming himself in that very special way' as John Peel puts it... One slitty eye taking it all in...He actually seems fine in himself, but I have to face it, he is too thin.(Yes, It is possible...)
Snapped at my wretched old loathesome mother on the phone last night. I don't do pain well. Her being obscenely stupid while I'm hurtin', as I constantly do, nowadays, is just-too-much...Now I know I should count my blessings. So many people cheerfully live their entire lives in more pain and incapacity than I've ever known. I spent my first 50 years really quite unusually strong and sturdy for a fat git who never takes exercise. BUT, when yer not used to it, I think it's harder to take, more difficult to negotiate a lot of stuff that longer-term 'handicapped' folk have figured out how to deal with efficiently. It sucks.
Ventured outdoors for the first time in three days, and that only to put some rubbish out (somebody's blocked the chute-) and hobble to the Post Office and ASDA. Still very few people about. The sales are offering wondrously huge bargains for those who can take advantage of them. It does seem I'm not the only one who can't/won't partake, though. People in general really do seem to be scared of the immediate future economic meltdown/ war chaos/whatever, and are clinging to their money, if they have any.
Jale Thackeray's died, now. he couldn't have been very old. Never could stand him, myself. One of my blind spots...Hey Ho.

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