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"I Fuckin' HATE Christmas! I hate It With A Passion!"

Well, isolation is the lifestyle choice I've made for myself, but somehow it doesn't feel too good at the moment...I'm worried about my old cat Wotan, who started enthusiastically drinking the water I was soaking my brushes in, yesterday.This and his persistent bony-bummed skinniness, despite Gargantuan appetite, have led me to fear he's got the geriatric cat thyroid syndrome, which can involve heavy vet bills, operations, and -uh, death. The prospect of getting him in the carrier and down the road, in my ultra-lame and halt condition, plus the fact that there is no money to pay the vet (-yes, I know about the PDSA-) sends me all weepy and witless. I must also be realistic and brace myself for the (enventually, anyhow-) inevitable. Cats are not forever. The thought of life without this particular long-time companion, though, doesn't please me much.
Intimations of the almost-certain looming world conflict have been creeping me out as well, not to mention the seemingly insurmountable money and health stuff. My efforts at drawing and writing are worse than uninspired, and there hasn't been enough on TV to sufficiently dope my fermenting brain. The only relief from despair was provided by the Osbournes, really. Wish Ozzy and Sharon had been my parents...I particularly enjoyed (young goddess!) Kelly kvetching about the time her brother shot her, and Ozzy besottedly singing 'Lulu(?) is my girlfriend...' to one of his ugly little incontinent dogs.Quite heartwarming, actually...

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