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Gotta Be The End Of The World...
It's so horribly slimily MILD. I haven't worn a jacket or had the heat on yet, and it's getting on for December. I dread the thought of there being no proper winter at all. Guh.
I keep waking up all hot and sweaty at night, too, but without a duvet, it's chillyclammy. It just ain't normal.
Read yet more insane stuff about making sure that sick people don't end up being given too much time off by  sympathetic GPS. It goes on and on. They'll have their benefits cut and have to endure the stress and strain of appeals, which, thank the gods they often win, but it's all such a waste. I can't believe this proposed madness will actually save money. Of course, there are few jobs anyway...but JSA is a lot meaner than sickness benefits.
Strange...I remember 10 years or so ago, reading a lot of articles about how people should be more educated in the arts, etc. so that they'd be able to put best creative use to all the extra leisure years that would be coming. There was expected to be much shorter working lives for all. Now they're 'encouraging ' everyone to work until their last gasp.
Boy, I'm in a bad mood. New series of THE KILLING tonight, though. Hup!
Strangely, Mark Kermode on last night's REVIEW SHOW  claimed that he really enjoys TWILIGHT films. Huh?

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The current idea about 'replacing' GP's in deciding long term sickness is a huge pile of B*llocks! Another easy exploit of the vulnerable since they're not going to get away with messing up public sector pensions, of which I am really glad I had to have mine early. Because I am convinced had I remained working for the NHS, I would have never received it! I utterly hate the 19th century attitude of this 'ConDem' lot! >:(


It's heartbreaking; not to mention frightening. I remember how bad things got when Thatcher took over, seeing homeless young people begging on the Strand for the first time, etc. This is shaping up to be the same, only worse.

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