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Just Another Diamond Day...
Glad to see the Comiket was such a success. The crowds would have been too much for me, though!
It's quite dark out, which I don't mind if it's a choice between this and yesterday's THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE weirdness.
Watched ECLIPSE, a low-key psychological -spooky thing; not bad.
Here's a dull doodlestrip:

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You are oh so wrong about this being dull. I love the way you effortlessly capture posture and expression, and of course I'm a sucker for any strip with Amazy in it (but particularly that last panel, which is cuteness squared of both of you).

Thanks! Personally, I enjoy reading this sort of strip, where others depict really dull, mundane stuff, but when I do it, I think it's pathetic...Cats really are invaluable as muses.

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