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Gotta schlep to Clapham High Street to collect my prescription, at last. It was sent to the wrong Superdrug, despite my emphasising that it was the Clapham Junction branch I needed. They really do not listen, to patients or each other. I'm starting to think I may be lucky to be on the never-gonna-get-it list for the bariatric op. Never useta be like this. Fap!
I've only followed the latest BIG BROTHER sporadically, but it came to a strange conclusion last night. Aaron, a whingeing tool, who ws often nominated, and generally heartily booed by the crowd emerged as the winner, over amiable, handsome lummox Jay, and awkward, ditzy heart-o'-gold girl Alex.Curious.
Not likely to make it to Comiket, but best wishes to all taking part.

Oh damn, I can't upload my doodles du jour. LJ must be still malfunctioning. Will try later...

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I didn't watch any of it- but I do know the winner is from Weston-super-Mare and no doubt the powers of WSM helped him win

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