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My STAR WARS Character!

you're R2-D2

You're spunky, resourceful, and just a little deviant. It should come as no surprise that your Star Wars type is Artoo-Deetoo. Just like the diminutive droid who bailed out Luke and the gang more than a few times, you have tons of tools and tricks at your disposal. When in a bind, you are usually the first one who thinks of the solution (even if your zeal for adventure got you into trouble in the first place). Read more about your Star Wars character...

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Well, I suppose I'm fairly deviant...At least I didn't come up JarJar Binks. The really startling thing is the frightening gonk gallery of potential 'matches' Emode now seems to provide with quiz results.One of mine was "Young Looking and Acting 55", with a worrying resemblance to PeeWee Herman. Under 'interests' he's got "I like to watch." !!!
Big shudders. He's in California, thank the gods. There was another one even worse, billing himself as 'unclaimed property', in a suit and tie, with VERY SCARY boiled egg eyes...Sometimes you just gotta cherish 'quirkyalone-ness'!

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