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Once A Catholic...

I've always fancied doing the pilgrimage to Santiago di Compostella... I never had the free time or money when I was ablebodied enough, and now, like someone in THE WAY says, 'I'm too tired.' Of course I couldn't leave the cat for a month or so, either. Anyway, I rented this film, expecting a cliche-ridden, sentimental mess, which is mostly what it is. I wanted to get an idea of the trek, though, and I knew this was going to be all location stuff. In that respect, it's excellent. The story, of a stodgy doctor (Martin Sheen) who travels the road to scatter the ashes of his son, who was killed on the first day of the journey, meets and bonds with other sad seekers, and ends up a better man, etc- is fairly lame.
However, in one scene, near the end, when they actually enter the shrine, 'something happens.' The actors seem genuinely moved, and there's a proper sense of the numinous. Well, I was a bit misty-eyed, anyway. I would say it was worth sticking with for that one moment, but maybe not, if you don't share my fascination with sacred sites and woowoo stuff.


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