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WTF has happened to MISFITS? First episode of the new season was utter crap, IMO, and the character who's replacing Nathan, is just plain. Yuck. Well, maybe it will pick up, but it doesn't look too hopeful. Still like Kelly, though.
The  slimy jungle weather oozes on, and it's feckin' Hallowe'en! The flat's full of flies. I've been fortunate enough not to bring in any of R Next Door's fleas, so far, and she claims all her beasties are now clear. I'd feel a lot more confident if we had some proper Autumn weather to zap them, though.
Saw an interesting film, which hasn't had much attention, but is well worth a look, BOOGIE WOOGIE. It's a rather amusing satire on the venality of the upmarket art world, with a few good larfs,a poignant ending , and a very impressive cast.
The TV repair guy has had my combi for over a month now. I constantly have to chase him, and now he says he can't fix the DVD player. He said he'd return it today, but I wouldn't bet on it. Why, oh why is everybody so slack? God knows, I know what it's like doing a 'service' job for years on end. All I ask for is a bit of common sense, and basic courtesy, returning calls, etc. *%'#=^@!!!  My repeat prescriptions seem to be lost, as well. Ohhhyah!
Saw an obit online for this poor woman of about 40, who seems to have died of CFS/ME...That's given me the willies, and all. Fap
Caught the Proclaimers earworm from that DR WHO  cast party film...Loved the jiving Adipose and Ood.


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