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destroy planets

I really MUST do something Worthwhile today. Wasted weeks rush by.
Look at bloody David Attenborough... 85 and standing firm(ish) on the South Pole. ..Oh, and that Great Grey Owl sailing through the snow! Whooah ! The poor,tragic seal, oh no! (The penguin got away, though-)
As I said, I really need to produce some Important Work. Unh...

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, but everybody's done it, haven't they? and my life is/was pretty dull...Dunno.I'm so feeble, it's hard to think of doing anything big.

(Deleted comment)
Bloke who wrote about liking Freddie Mercury? I donno, that sounds intriguing...who was that?

I was marvelling at Attenborough too, especially as he's my Grandma's age. I think it's important not to underestimate the fact that he has lead a privileged life in comparison to you or I, and probably has access to private health care, and certainly won't have to make choices over food/heating/cat litter like i've done in the past! But he is a national treasure and I will be sad when he dies.

On to you though- I think it would be great to see a collection of either your doodles/daily strips, or a autobiography. You've lots of interesting stuff to talk about, which may not seem interesting to you but I certainly think it is. And you could always look into something like Kickstarter when the time comes to publish... or maybe you'll have a generous benefactor like I did when I needed it most.

I hope I *can* get it together to do it. It would be nice to have something 'out there' again in print...
Even Al Davidson is having a hard time raising publishing money, though. and my stuff's of interest to only a select very few.*Sigh*

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