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To my astonishment, I managed to get Amazy into the Petmobile quite easily. She didn't even scream much on the bus.
That was the good bit. The vet said she'd gained weight, despite my efforts at feeding her expensive 'light' organic food, etc. and tested her for diabetes, which she doesn't have, thank the gods, but there may be a renal problem...All in all, I'm now down £175, just for the booster and bloodwork!!!
If she does have renal failure, it means a special diet for life. If she doesn't, the vet wants to put her on a  reducing formula food, which will surely be even pricier than the Wellbeloved stuff she gets now. Oh boy...

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I know vets are always expensive, but that's an amazing sum for some pretty basic stuff. Ouch. Fingers crossed Amazy's kidneys are OK.

Is there a Blue Cross/PDSA anywhere accessible to you? They'll treat Amazy for a donation.

Yes, there's one at Victoria, and I was there with Wotan, once, for a lot of dental work. They're very good. If this turns into an ongoing thing, i may have to make use of them again. I 'd feel a bit guilty, though, as there are so many people with even less money, waiting to be seen.

Gah, this is one of the things that has put me off getting another cat. My last Old Mog was lovely, but she cost me a fortune as she was on permenant medication and had to see the vet every 3 months.

Even so, £175 sounds excessive!

It does, doesn't it? I nearly fell over.

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