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Ugly TinTin...
I never read TinTin books as a child; don't remember ever seeing them, and I've no desire to read them now, but I enjoy glancing through them for the beautiful ligne claire artwork; wish I could do that sort of thing.
The new film really freaks me out, though. The stills and clips I've seen are all grotesquely hideous uncanny-valley creepiness. Has anybody actually sat through it? The reviews seem mixed, although the Guardian guy seemed to find it pretty sickening, too.
It's ridiulously mild again. Shit. I went to the big Sainsburys at Ladbroke Grove, just to be in a different environment for a while. On the way back, saw a poor fucker lying by his/her bike near Sloane Street, hit by a van pulling out. I could only see the back view, luckily for me, but as the  traffic was terribly snarled and crawling as usual, hopefully the injuries weren't too serious.
I seem to be watching DOWNTON ABBEY every week, ever though I detest it. I can usually guess what people are going to say before they open their mouths, and virtually all the characters are dull and dislikeable. Yet I feel compelled to watch.. Is it because everyone else does?

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If you're planning to destroy all the civilized planets .. this one's on the way out already.

I agree re the film - I've seen some clips and they look freaky to me - like real people wearing rubber masks. Strange it's had many positive reviews.

And in one you see Haddock (with an accent reminiscent of Schreck) briefly looking in your direction, so you can see into his eyes - and there's nothing there. *shudders*

No film by Hollywood was ever going to get Haddock right. (I say in full knowledge that I haven't seen the film and many reviews say he steals the show)

I was surprised to see positive reviews, too. It just looks so grotesque to me. I suppose I'll have to see it eventually, but I can't imagine being converted.

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