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Still have that 'coming down with...' feeling, but so far, no lurgy. Hope it gives up and passes me by, this time.
A perky young nurse has actually been here with the long-missing notes. She's from another team, and seems bemused by how slack the local care is. They're supposed to bring/do all sorts of stuff they have been hassling me about my not attending to, to my confusion, since nobody every told me to, in the first place...She was very efficient and helpful,and fussed over Amazy; shame she'll probably not be seen again. At least I have notes, now.
Saw that Paul Merton 'Adventures' programme last night. He was on the biggest cruise ship in the world, which he accurately described as like a giant shopping mall. It was horrific. I expect a week's excursion to the Carribean would cost about £5000, and it looked like something you'd pay not to have to endure, what with the ice shows, belly-flopping competitions, dutifully fawning staff constantly pressing twee cocktails on you,their teeth gritted with hatred...Yow! Total Hell. Even at the stops, the holidaymakers are carefully segregated from the great unwashed, and steered through sanitised tourist traps.
Must try and do some drawing or something, now.


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