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More Murk...

...And still humid and sort of hot. Meh. Slept in until nearly eight again. Disgustin'. Drew a bit, hoovered, and watched a TV documentary about a young couple transitioning from F to M. Had a quick cuppa with the lovelyellenlindner*  who was having a very busy day, tooting around London but seemed full of perk anyway. Ah, youth...It always seems so weird that she grew up in Williston Park, Long Island, and will be headed back there, soon. I find it hard to believe the place still exists. I always think of it as this cultureless Hell Realm, but I'm sure it's much more sophisticated than it was in my long-ago childhood.
Got the horrors about dementia again last night. I was half-watching that boring BODY FARM, all about a bigtime barrister, who knew he was losing his marbles like his father did, and begged his girlfriend to help him kill himself. Wibble. Possible most idiotic line of the week: A fresh stiff is wheeled in to be used by the gang, and one of them unzips it and smiles 'Welcome to the Body Farm! '


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