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Titty TMI...

have just schlepped to greasy Camberwell in the heat  for a routine  breast screening  discomfortfest. Stressful, too, as all medical/dental things are, to me, not to mention the fact that it was a sudden virulent breast cancer that finally polished off my poor old mother, within weeks of diagnosis. (Of course she was nearly 92,,,)  God, it was sticky and sweaty. Thankfully there's a bit of a  breeze, and it perhaps wasn't quite as bad as yesterday, but, waaa...bring on the cold, please!
I  am now knocking back LIDL Mojito mix on an empty stomach, and Ohhhh, I feel a bit squiffy. Heh.
Watched THOR last night; not too bad. There were a few space vistas and critter moments somewhat reminiscent of Jack Kirby, which was nice, although it wasn't much like the 60's comics as I remember them, especially the sleek young Loki. (Liked him, though-)
R Next Door and her animals have got fleas!  Fab. No sign of infestation on me or cat... yet. Fap!


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