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Another Local Hangout Gone...

Looks like The Ink Rooms on Lavender Hill Is closed for good. They've been shut for some time, but I reckoned they were redecorating or something. There's a 'To Let' sign up now, though. Damn, I always wanted to check that place out... I do miss the days when  the Tea Rooms des Artistes was a nice shabby place to chill in the afternoon over a pot of tea, or have a cheap vegetarian meal and get squiffy at night, with now dead/dispersed good company.. *Sigh*
More manky humidity, and evidently we get a day of (bleh-) summer again tomorrow, then more rain.
Got the  tickets for THE PASSENGER rehersal at ENO, but alas, have to climb to the dress circle, which is ,of course, a pain event for me. It's cool, though; the word on this one is that it's really worthwhile, and I'm curious.

Watched a bit of CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER last night. Jedward were cavorting in very tight shorts, and it looks as though they have no genitals...And yes, they seem to act 'like that' all the time!

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