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Why's It Always Gotta Be This Way?...

At about 2 PM, the fridge men arrived. They were slovenly and spoke little English (or wanted it  to seem so-) They weren't all that keen on removing the old fridge, and at first refused to unbox and set up the new one, saying it wasn't allowed. I begged them, whinging about being disabled etc. (I had been told on the phone not to worry, they'd set it up properly before leaving.)  Anyway, they finally did it, but after they'd gone (leaving their walkietalkie behind-)  I discovered I couldn't plug the thing in. When the guy came back, he deigned to try, but then said 'You must get new plug.' So that was that. I managed to plug it in to an extension lead, which I don't think youre supposed to do, and after letting it sit for five hours, am now waiting to see if it works.
I feel really sick. It's been unbearbly sultry, just to make it all more pleasant. Worst day of the summer, humidity wise, I think. Damn, Just damn!
The floor's all scuffed, and there's actually a tear in the old kitchen lino, from my attempts to push the thing around.

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