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Ho Hum...

Ah, 'upload from files' thingie is back...
It's gonna be hot, dammit.
Must defrost old fridge-freezer, as new one comes tomorrow. I'd like to scrub the filthy floor under and behind it, too, but if I kneel  these days, I can't feckin' get up...
Spooked by news item concerning elderly bloke who tried to trip up a fleeing knifeman at the Notting Hill carnival. He's afraid of having his disability benefits stopped! I know that feeling. I sometimes get paranoid about being 'seen' on CCTV,forcing stuff into the overflowing recycling bin downstairs. You can be done for being able to move at all,it seems. Regardless of benefit snoops, etc., it's just scary when you think about how we're really being watched at all times. Next step is one of those gadgets monitoring you indoors, like in 1984...
With my upbringing, I'm particularly sensitive to such things. (See above!)

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