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Sittin' Here In Limbo...

Nothing much happening, Saw an entertaining DVD, LIMITLESS, about a slacker who gets hold of a suuper-smart drug, which leads him only  to terror and despair, of course. Boy, it looked good, though.(The drug-)
I've also seen HEREAFTER, a portmanteau tale of dealing with death and the possibilities of afterlife. I think it was poorly received, but apart from the soppy romance stuff, it really wasn't bad. It was overlong, though, and could have been improved by snipping burnt-out psychic Matt Damon's doomed relationship with an intolerably 'cute,kooky'  girl he meets at a peculiar night class in Italian cuisine.
Film Four is having a horror season, and I saw PRIMAL t'other night. Rather formulaic, but again, quite watchable tale of three gormless young couples who venture into the outback in search of a long-lost Aborigne painting site. They find it, and. live long enough to regret it.


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