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Panic Stations...

I'm amazed by this Evacuation of New York frenzy. I think it's very unlikely that the hurricane is going to be all that dangerous by the time it hits, and the cost of shutting down public transport, shipping people off to shelters, etc. etc. must be colossal. Of course, they want to avoid another Katrina cock-up, but as usual, it's being wildly overdone.

Was surprised to find this week's TORCHWOOD actually watchable. It was mostly devoted to a flashback to one of immortal bisexual playboy Capt. Jack's gazillion loves, in Prohibition New York. Must say the love nest in slummy Little Italy was a mite luxurious, though!

Item in the Grauniad about supercheap weekends, including Tallinn, via the dreaded EasyJet. Christ, if only I didn't hurt so much, and were fit to push and poke my way onto one of those bargain bucket planes. You get a central, four-star hotel and all.


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