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Sticky Already...

There used to be a strip in a Sunday colour comic, which had this grumpy old man in the background every week muttering 'Drat such weather!'whatever the weather actually was. That's me, that is...Better get out to the launderette, etc. before it gets too oppressive. Rain tomorrow, I hope.
I watched THE KING'S SPEECH last night. I'd been expecting something dull and reverential. It was a bit royal-worshippy, I suppose, but it was also quite interesting, and, of course, the acting was excellent. I was passably entertained.
I briefly checked into the Big Brother House, and was rewarded by a very weird sight. The 'King of the Papparazzi' guy, with the fuschia Mohican was proudly displaying his 'abs' to the impressed bare-knuckle fighter from GYPSY WEDDING.  It seems he had obtained them via 'body-sculpting.' and they didn't seem to go with the rest of his squidgy bod. It looked like he was wearing some sort of flesh breastplate. Yuck. He was pleased as punch with them, though, so good luck to him.

Here's a wee ASOIAF doodle:


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