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Last week I saw SUBMARINE, Richard Ayoade's first film as a director; quite charming and very promising. I don't usually watch the romancy  ones, but I also got BLUE VALENTINE, which was supposed to be worth watching, and it is, rather. It's a melancholy tale of a relationship in crisis, with flashbacks to the cute & charming early days. BATTLE FOR LOS ANGELES featured the US Marines vs squiddysquidgy aliens. All yer usual wham bam, explode, shoot, yell, and quite entertaining with it. I was just in the mood for something like that, when I watched it.
TORCHWOOD, IMO, has Gone Wrong. For one thing they're dragging this story out way too long.

R Next Door is having a breakdown, with the leaks in her flat. It is pretty shocking. It's been going on for weeks, now. Her wallpaper's bubbling and peeling, the place stinks, she's got to have buckets all over, and, of course several other flats are affected, but the council's just arsing around. Personally, I think she should call the South London Press, and say how her health is being affected, and all. She really needs to be sure she gets compensation, but he just says she's too exhausted, can't cope, blah blah. I'd do it , but I think it might be unwise for me to get too deeply involved. I'd end up on the phone and whatnot all he time. R's demanding enough as it is.
Excellent hysterics going on in EASTENDERS  Vanessa is trembling and nostril-flexing like a crazed horse, destroying furniture and screaming very impressively.

I'm still reading A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, of course...


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