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Let's Sweat Again...

Evil humidity day... Clapham Junction is pretty well back to normal except for Debenham's which is still  having repairs done , and most of the windows are still boarded up. The hoardings outside TK Maxx have become a sort of Wailing Wall with sentimental scrawls of 'Clapham Junction, we love you!', 'Never Again', etc. etc.
It's odd that the ruckus has just sort of stopped, quite suddenly. I wonder if it was all down to 'solar flares'?

The day started with  Selina's excellent introduction to Michael Nobbs and his work. She gave me one of his ebook,s a while back, and I've been very interested in his stuff since. He's a bit inclined to the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach, but I relate better to him. I think he can be a big help to other creative types who have problems with fatigue syndromes, or just  finding time and energy to do your thing when you have a dayjob/kids/classes to deal with. His artwork is nice to look at, too.
There was a talk with Paul Duffield and Kate Brown, which was interesting, although I'm not very familiar with either of
Al Davison's 'Less is More' workshop was terrific; must try to write more about it later.
I missed 'Comics on the Ration:Live'  as I was chatting to Selina about Possible Project, while drinking vile herbal tea. I keep trying to get into the stuff, but no, I want real coffee and gut-eroding, caffeine-crammed cola.
By the time I got to By Hook or by Crook, the funding panel, I found it a bit dull, as I was just  thoroughly spaced, knackered, and could do no more, God help me.
Will (Soaring Penguin) Morgan mentioned he was toying with the notion of putting out  a reprint 'best of'' his long-gone anthology SUGAR & SPICE, possibly even considering ressurecting it, if all went well. That would certainly  be cool. I'm very partial to anthologies, and there are so few around these days, especially with GIRLY on hiatus. I enjoy reading comics online, but still feel nothing beats hard copy...
Anyway, It was back to the guesthouse with another Sainsbury''s sandwich for me, to watch the talking heads bemoan our broken burning & looting society, blah blah...

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