Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Quiet Night...

As expected, no hassles here. (Nothing left to nick down the Junction...) Elsewhere, alas, a different story. *Sigh*

CAPTION Commentary...
Saturday  got rolling with Jovial Jeremy Day's 'Regurgitate' workshop, which largely involved making collage toons. It was good, but somehow, I didn't like tearing up old comics & zines, even rubbish ones. There were some very funny results, though.
It was nice to see all the usual attendees. motodraconis , resplendent in one of the salwar kameezes she recently baggsed in India, gave me one of those  red string devotional bracelets, with a lil' Ganesh on it. Excellent. It's still on.
Then we had Paul Gravett discussing his peripatetic antics, taking part in various exhibits and cons all over the place. David O'connell put the questions and there was a good slideshow of some of the events PG visited.
Another talk found Paul Grist discussing his career and inspirations, followed by  Lou McKeever (BlueLou) talking mostly about caricature, and introducing some neglected female political artists of the past. Very interesting stuff, most of it news to me.
My limited energy reserves had about had it, by then, so I missed the Reduced Heroes Quiz, the Art Auction, and Mr Gravett interviewing ''INJ Culbard: Warlord of Mars.' Did anybody attend this one? What was it like? 
I wobbled off, picked up a sarnie & salad at the nearby Sainsbury's, and back to the guesthouse, for shower,TV-gawking   and ASOIAF-reading.

Every time I visit Oxford, I'm always fascinated by just how peculiar these statues outside the Sheldonian are...

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