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CAPTION Weekend...

Friday seemed blisteringly hot to me, and I was bathed in sweat, after limping around a bit. I'd intended to try the Ashmolean, after finding out it was closed Mondays, but just couldn't face a museum. Ended up cooling off for an hour nursing a very pricey Diet Coke, in the Jam Factory. It is very dear, indeed, but a pleasant, art-studded place, and they don't rush you at all.
Went along to the Athena guest house, and crashed, while Jay & Seina went to dinner and meeting. It's quite reasonable, if a bit peculiar...(No check-in desk, teenyweeny dining room that means you may have to queue for breakfast, etc, and a very enthusiastic fire alarm!)
Clean & comfy room with TV, fridge & ensuite, though. More than adequate. If you're doing a touristy visit, it's also very convenient to the station, city centre, and the shops & eateries of Cowley Rd. Bus stops are nearby,and the CAPTION venue is easily walkable if you're mobile, Even I managed it a coupla times. More scribbles to come...
I'm now back in London, of course, awaiting the next eruption. Personally, I hink there may possibly be more carrying on tonight, but if we get rain tomorrow and Thursday, the young 'uns will get bored and it will all go pffft, leaving the Tories to brag about how they saved the day, and go about taking some more benefits, etc. away from these bad undeserving poor people who would rather riot than do an honest day's minimum waging in the pound shop.
Oddly, last night I had no idea there was a huge brouhaha going on at Clapham Junction. I heard the odd siren, but fewer than usual, and couldn't see the flames from here. It's sad that some of the worst damage has been done to the few atractive/interesting buildings in affected areas, like the old carpet showroon in Enfield, and Arding & Hobbs here. *Sigh* It's all just twisted, man

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