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City On Fire...

Bloody hell, I leave town for a  few days and look what happens. Sounds like Peckham is percolatin' tonight, among other areas. Gawd help  us, we're back in the 80's, only worse.
I'm too enfeebled to write much. Didn't get back from Oxford until about 3:00, and now I'm feeling really rough, with a yucky stomach that started last night...and I never even got my freebie ice cream, dammit!  I think I only missed one event, and most of them were excellent. It seemed pretty quiet as far as off-the-street visitors were concerned, but it suited me. The current CAPTION venue on Cowley Road, is the most congenial so so far. There's a nice laid back boho vibe there,it's convenient for the station, and near plenty of shops, cafes, etc.
Thanks to all the organisers for their hard work. I'll post some doodles, etc. when I feel a little less fubard.

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