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STILL Sultry...

Sketchbook Stuff...

It's a lot better, thank the gods, but still so feckin' humid, which is what really gets me. Hope it freshens up. I'm already nervous about travelling all the way(!)  to Oxford, etc. etc.  Must be an old age thing.I never used to be afraid of going anywhere when I was young. I mean I've always had 'social phobia', hated parties and loud gathering places, etc., but I never used to have all these feeble frets about falling over, getting ill/ run over/ suddenly insane etc. all alone away from home, with no one to help, blah blah. Pathetic. As a tourist, I believe it's best to travel solo, really, so you can selfishly follow your own inclinations, and not feel guilty about dragging bored companions around churches, cemeteries and stationery/comic emporiums, or whatever your personal obsessions are.Oh well. Fap.
I'm glad to be going to CAPTION though. It's been way too long, and the lineup, talks, etc. look really interesting this year.

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