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First image upload after a zillion efforts.
There is absolute fuck all on TV tonight AGAIN. I have a few films recorded, but I'm not really in the mood for any of them.
I find myself not particularly liking the current TORCHWOOD. Too SPOOKS-y. Although the basic situation is uncanny. I want proper monsters and stuff.  The USA version of THE KILLING is really a bit of a turkey, too. I don't know quite why, as a lot of work has obviously been put in, but it doesn't grip me at all, and the actors, very competent as they are, don't move me. 'Thais and Pernille' had me weepin' nearly every week.
Had yet another very bizarre, long nightmare, possibly inspired by having CLOVERFIELD, which I'd seen on for 'wallpaper' last night.
Nicolas Cage and I were fighting horrrible creatures , in Trafalgar Square, at one point, and it was very bad. Won't go into 'orrible detail, as I'm afraid of exhausting LJ with a 'long post.'... I woke up wrapped in the top sheet as though coccooned, from my nocturnal flailings.

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