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After initial ecstasy, I find I'm  still getting 500 errors  when i try to post images. Rowr!
I's effing bloody hot, too and still sooooo humid. I can only pray it freshens up a bit by CAPTION, although I'm doing an insane luxury visit this year's 'Austerity' edition. (otherwise I wouldn't get there at all-) I'm going by train (actually got a round trip online for £8.00; hope it all works out...) and staying at a B&B near the venue, so I can just go and flake out with CLASH OF KINGS if it all gets too much for me.
EASTENDERS' latest psychomaniac Michael is really fascinatingly bizarre-looking, and such a terrible actor, it's brilliant. Twice in the last week or so, we've had characters embracing while one looks over the other's shoulder with an expression revealing ambivalence at the least. Michael's evil leer ( 'I love you, Dad') over Eddie's shoulder was just utterly fabulous. In the meantime, the other psycho currently on the Square, GP Yuself is still trying to drive Zainab mad(der) with medication.


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