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TV Trivia etc....

Those Martine McCutcheon yoghurt ads frighten me. She has incredibly dead, evil eyes. ..She was once 'Tiffany', a tragic diva on EASTENDERS, but quit to become  a superstar. She was in MY FAIR LADY in the West End, but missed many performances,through 'vocal problems', etc., and never really did much else, but these ads, poor cow. She is scary, though...
Prince Andrew bears a certain resemblance to 'Ian Beale', another EastEnder. I just noticed that today.
Rubbish rental films:
I'd seen many references to CLAIRE OF THE MOON as this major seminal queer cult film. It's DREADFUL in every way. It's actually kinda sexist, and all, with lots of verbose rants about how men and women can never really communicate , and what sods fellers are. Harsh. God, it was boring, dumb and unsexy.
THE RITE  is really dull, too, 'based on true stories' of exorcists on the job. Meh. Anthony Hopkins and Rutger Hauer take the money and run again.

Later...Oh, I seem to have 'reviewed CLAIRE OF THE MOON twice...yet another sign of dementia, no doubt.
I've just watched CANDY BAR GIRLS, and it was even more tedious than last week, when at least there was a Toilet Ghost to liven things up a little.

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