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Terrorist Tenants?

Poor old R Next Door had a terrific flood from the flat above her, water running down the walls in several places, five buckets filling rapidly etc. After much ado (They refused to answer the door for ages-) it was confirmed that the tenants had connected a shower incorrectly. (You're not supposed to instal a shower at all without the council being informed-) This is the flat with the giant satellite dish...They cut a big hole in their pigeon netting for it , and birds were getting tangled up and slowly dying, causing  R to go tonto and a big hooha in general.
It seems that at least five young men 'of Middle Eastern Appearance' live in there, and are kind of weird, keep strange hours, won't speak to anyone, etc.  R is convinced that it's a terrorist gang, making bombs, or something, and...well, it does sound a bit scary. I mean, you never know,do you? Wibble!
Crap Films:
I'd often seen CLAIRE OF THE MOON mentioned as a cult classic of queer cinema, so thought I'd check it out. Bloody hell, it's just plain bad. The acting is wooden beyond belief from the entire cast, but the script is so pompus and stupid, they can't really be blamed. What little rumpo there is is seriously anaemic, and it's very long, or seems so. I suggest avoidance. There are a few 'so lame it's funny' moments, but not nearly enough to put it in the SHOWGIRLS league of entertaining dreadfulness.
I also saw WOLFMAN at last, and was pretty bored by it. It's a great shame, as they missed the opportunity to do something really good. It was obviously big-budget, with people like Antony Sher and Max Von Sydow popping up in cameos, and very effective cinematography and CGI, providing genuinely spooky atmosphere at times. It just doesn't gel, though. Benicio del Toro is not a favourite of mine. I find his appearance so horrid that he looks better as a werewolf, and I don't actually think much of him as an actor. Here, he's supposed to be a top-ranking Shakespearean, but the snatch of his Hamlet we hear is sub-school play. Anthony Hopkins doesn't seem to be enjoying his slumming this time, which kind of takes the fun out of it, although it's interesting seeing him turn wolfman. The final battle between lycanthropes is very funny, jumping up in the air doing sumo-style bellybumps and  ending with one immolated in the fireplace with his furry feet sticking out...Still, it was watchable, just. They seemed to be hinting at a sequel ('Inspector Aberline (Hugo Weaving), Werewolf') but I wouldn't bank on it.

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