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Things To Make You Go Eurrrgh..

What a dismal bunch the CANDY BAR GIRLS seem to be. Any bi-curiosity I had is squelched bigtime. (Although I still think Shabby is kinda cute-looking-)  The venue itself looks like absolute hell, even with the de-pinking makeover. I guess I'm just too old. Never did fancy clubs., except the kind where you sit around being drunk, deep and bitchy with Francis Bacon  et all.
As for TORCHWOOD, it wasn't bad, all in all. Capt. Jack's makeup looks a bit more natural, or maybe his botox was wearing off, and there actually was a scene that this viewer found 'disturbing'. I better not spoiler it, but  ohhh, yuck, not nice...
After yet another day of waiting for the window man who was supposed to arrive 'by four' and never came at all, I decided to have one more go at wrenching the thing into place, and damned if it didn't work!  Now I never dare to open that window again, but thank the gods it's shut before the wind and rain return. Result! 

. Stray sketchbook page.

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