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Very Annoyed Indeed...

I've had a particularly glum, hurty, isolated weekend, and today, i had to wait in for the window repair bod...Nobody showed, of course, and I rang the council, who rang the window people, and after a long time the clerk  said. 'I apologise on behalf of the contractors' The pissing contractors, of course, don't give a monkey's curse. They haven't called, and the window is still stuck. Thank the gods it's gone all hot and stuffy again. Never thought I'd say such a  thing, but the strong wind howling and blowing rain down the hall was really getting to me.

Nearly finished GAME OF THRONES now, will have to get a cheap copy of book 2. I'm avoiding all but the mildest spoilers, but I do look at some of the fan art, and I'm a bit concerned that there don't seem to be any pictures of Arya as an adult. Uh oh...

Am also quite enthusiastic about this: , which  girlycomic   recommended. Ah, misery does love company. I can see it becoming quite popular. I've alread submitted some whinges.

    Sketchbook page: 'Nina' was a COME DINE WITH ME contestant, I think. I only saw her while channelsurfing.

POPSTAR TO OPERA STAR is over with. That Joe McElderry boy (have no idea about his pop career-) does actually have a very pleasant tenor, and would do well to get some proper training. He won, as it was obvious he would do, from week one. God, that's a shite programme...

Hospital appointment at London Bridge tomorrow; happyhappy joyjoy...

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