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I am so totally kaput, today; feverish, drowsy, VERY sore and stiff  all over, including shoulders and thumbs.
The window business has been a real drag, too. After struggling uselessy for days, I rang the council and they said nobody could come until the 21st. I did my agonised old lady voice, and let him hear the incredibly loud clanking of the blinds. So, it's Monday, now. Of course, there's a lot more wind and rain before then. I should never have opened the fucking thing, but it was so very hot...Anyway, I've got sections of blind all stuck together with packing tape,now, so it's a bit less noisy, anyway
Watched a totally crapola film, THE RESIDENT, with Hilary Swank as a recently jilted medic desperate for a place to live. She gets offered this big 'character' flat, with a hunky helpful landlord, dirt cheap... Well, I need say no more. Christopher Lee was in in, for about thirty seconds in all. Dire.
Thank the gods for GAME OF THRONES to escape into between bouts of sickly slumber.

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